I work on a number of purposeful projects.

If you’re interested in pitching a project, please use the contact form to do so. I love working on collaborative projects in these areas.

Financial Wellness

Because money weaves itself into every aspect of life, it’s essential we learn better money skills and access the right products and tools.

The Smile Money offers insightful articles and personal financial stories centered on the 5 financial wellness pillars: manage, earn, grow, borrow, and protect.

Phroogal is a financial marketplace that gives you access to a directory of banking services, money apps, personal finance tools, and how-to articles, best list, and product reviews. Visit

Learn more about my journey and financial wellness mission.

Transformative Wellness

The Smile University gives on-demand workshops, online courses, and expert masterminds. The university is built to dive deeper into topics covered in my books, websites, and more. You’ll learn how to improve your health, create wealth, and choose happiness.

Learn more on (coming soon).


I’ve wanted to be a filmmaker for as long as I can remember, but growing up, I was told how hard it would be for someone like me. So, I push the dream aside. But, now, I have the opportunity to explore this dream on my terms. View my IMDB profile.

  • Supporting documentaries and short films created by underrepresented filmmakers.
  • Writing my first screenplay based on my memoir
  • Producing a docuseries on money and happiness.