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You deserve to be happy! In the instant bestseller, Jason shows you how to elevate your relationship with money toward wellness and happiness.

Are you ready to live a healthier, wealthier, and happier life?

Look no further than Happy Money Happy Life which delivers a joyful and practical discussion at the intersection of money and happiness–your wellness.

The groundbreaking book teaches you:

  • Happiness is a result of the choices you make and how to improve your money mindset for happier outcomes.
  • The overlapping and interconnected nature of your well-being and how to improve every aspect of your 8 wellness dimensions.
  • A non-prescriptive path to financial independence that considers your unique financial challenges, different life stage, and personal goals.

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Happy Money Happy Life: A Multidimensional Approach to Health, Wealth, and Financial Freedom

In this book, Jason delivers a game-changing resource to help you transform your relationship with money.

Explore the interconnectedness of your mental, emotional, physical, social, occupational, environmental, spiritual, and financial well-being. And learn to use money as a tool to achieve your goals and live a healthy, wealthy, and happy life.

With practical strategies and insights based on the latest happiness research, this book is a must-read for anyone ready to unlock their full happiness potential.

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My message to you

I wrote a book on happiness that talks about money because I discovered a fundamental truth: money can buy happiness…but money isn’t happiness. There’s a difference.

Money solves money problems, but it doesn’t solve life problems. And society teaches us to chase money to solve life problems. It only leads to more sadness and dissatisfaction.

There is a better way.

I’ve spent the last five years researching happiness and came to a realization that money can buy happiness when it’s spent on wellness.

Understanding exactly how to spend money for long-term satisfaction over short-term gratification was a game-changer for me. And finally, accepting that financial health is essential to well-being unlocked the flow of money into my life.

I wrote the book to share what I’ve learned with the goal of helping you overcome your financial challenges so you can achieve your life goals too.

Money isn’t everything, but it impacts most things.

And as in most things, money affects how you think and feel about yourself, how you relate to others, and how it impacts your experiences at home, work, and society.

What’s in the book?

Learn the skill to help with mental growth and emotional intelligence as you explore the importance of physical and spiritual well-being, the healing nature of environmental comfort, meaningful work, and social connections.

The book has three parts and is written like a cohesively intertwined trilogy. This was done to show a progressive connection between happiness and money. First, you’ll gain a high-level understanding of happiness. Then, you’ll learn about the eight wellness dimensions that make you…you. And finally, you’ll find practical steps to master money.

  • Book 1: In Pursuit Of Happiness
  • Book 2: Happy Life – Enter The Happy Dimensions
  • Book 3: Happy Money – Achieve Financial Freedom

Money affects happiness. Whether you agree or disagree that money can lead to a happy life, we’ve built a society that runs on money. And those who learn to master it gain the advantage of choosing happiness.

And there’s poetry too! You don’t find that in money books.

"Wealth is a state of being, 
Aware of our mind, 
body, and soul, 
fully in our life’s goal. 
It’s true, 
Money impacts most things, 
some things, 
a thing, 
But money isn’t, 

So, what are you waiting for? Get your copy of Happy Money Happy Life today and start your journey to financial happiness!

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You only live once, so make it a happy life.

Happy Life Dimensions

In this section, you’ll learn the eight happy dimensions that are interconnected and overlapping and how each dimension affects one another. More specifically, you’ll understand how to strengthen your financial dimension to improve other areas of your life.

Happy Money (financial)Living financially free.
Happy Work (occupational)Rewire, not retire.
Happy Mind (mental)Be kind to your body; it’s priceless.
Happy Heart (emotional)Memories appreciate; stuff depreciates.
Happy Body (physical)Be kind to your body, it’s priceless.
Happy Social (social)Connections are your lifeline.
Happy Space (environmental)Free your space and yourself.
Happy Spirit (spiritual)Serve a purpose, not a purchase.
Happy Dimensions from Happy Money Happy Life

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    What else is in the book?

    Access the steps to financial freedom. In this section, you’ll learn…

    • Step 1: Shift your money beliefs
    • Step 2: Assess your money vitals
    • Step 3: Start your money journey

    …and discover the 9 paths to financial independence.

    Path 1: Save for the unexpectedBuild your emergency saving plan.
    Path 2: You’re going to retire one dayContribute to retirement accounts.
    Path 3: Debt is holding you backEliminate debt prioritization.
    Path 4: You need to make more moneyMultiply and diversify your income.
    Path 5: Start investing right nowMake money with money.
    Path 6: Be creditworthy, not credit hungryUse credit as leverage for wealth building.
    Path 7: For your protection, pleaseProtect your most prized possessions.
    Path 8: Your ultimate safety netBuild a cash reserve for peace of mind.
    Path 9: Independence is your birthrightReach financial independence.

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    Bestseller Lists

    Praise for Happy Money Happy Life

    “Jason shares his personal journey of struggle, failure, and success while exploring the science around money, happiness, and why it matters. You’ll learn a lot and become an instant fan of his spirit and philosophy.”
    ―DR. BRAD KLONTZ, CFP®, bestselling author and leading expert on financial psychology

    “Jason has written a must-read book on happiness that seamlessly interconnects the different layers of wellness through the lens of money. Reading this book will help you redefine wealth for yourself and live a life of more purpose, passion and abundance.”
    –PATRICE WASHINGTON, bestselling author and host of the Redefining Wealth podcast

    Happy Money Happy Life cleverly and artfully weaves money into aspects of our well-being. Read this book, it’s for those of us who seek financial wholeness and happiness.”
    ―TIFFANY ALICHE, The Budgetnista, New York Times bestselling author of Get Good with Money

    “Happy Money Happy Life is an incredibly insightful look at how your mental, emotional, physical, and overall well-being connects with your financial wellness. A must-read for anyone in the pursuit of happiness but not quite sure how to get there. A factual, insightful, and “real world” action-able guide on how money can buy you happiness and exactly how you can do it.”
    –BOLA SOKUNBI, bestselling author and founder of Clever Girl Finance

    Watch and Listen to the Preface

    I wrote this book for you

    I’ve wanted to write this book for years, but I was told talking about mental health or emotional well-being was taboo. I persisted. And I am confident this book will change your life.

    If you want to be happier, this book is for you.

    If you’re suffering from money & mental stress, this book is for you.

    If you’re exhausted and feeling burnout at work, this book is for you.

    If you want to own your time to live your dreams, this book is for you.

    If you want to achieve financial independence, this book is for you.

    If you’re looking for meaning and purpose, this book is for you.

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    About Jason Vitug

    Jason Vitug is a writer and speaker specializing in the human condition and intentional transformations to become the very best versions of ourselves. He is currently on a mission to elevate a generation to reach their full potential and live their best lives by removing the stigma around money and empowering others through financial knowledge, access, and community.

    Happy Money Happy Life is Jason’s second bestseller and is increasingly recognized as one of the best books on happiness and wellness.