Inspiring and thought-provoking financial storyteller

Are you looking for an educational and entertaining financial wellness discussion with your employees? You’re in the right place.

My keynotes have been called “TED Talks.” Because I aim to leave an imprint, to plant a seed, to shift mindset. My talks are more than ideas and motivational quotes. I get into the core of what fuels us all.

I reignite the fire, plant the seeds of inspiration, encourage big and bold thinking, and share actionable takeaways that will have your people at the edge of their seats.

I aim to engage and connect with your attendees so they leave with new ideas, a better understanding of their professional impact, and a greater sense of personal purpose.

I take a compassionate approach to the financial conversation, taking away the shame, guilt, and embarrassment often associated with money. The mission is to leave with a renewed sense of self and a shift to a holistic approach to wellness.

I’ve spoken at over 300 events. I enjoy intimate conversations with small groups and thrive with large audiences. I’m comfortable in-person and equally engaging virtually.

You can learn more about me here.

Event types: I’m available for both in-person and virtual sessions.

  • keynotes
  • fireside chats
  • panel discussions
  • employee book club discussions
  • employee resource group sessions
  • corporate events
  • company retreats

Organizations I work with include Fortune 1000 companies, credit unions, financial brands, startups, fintech, military installations, conferences, and universities.

Some of my past talks were at the USAA Digital Military Expo, National Credit Union Foundation, COOPThink, Plutus Summit, FinCon, AFCPE Symposium, NPEA Conference, Georgia Credit Union Executive Association Conference, Idaho Financial Education Summit, and CA Collectors Council, to name a few.

I’ve spoken at events sponsored by Urban League of Union County, USAA, SoFi, Credit Sesame, Experian, Prudential, ADT, TE Connectivity, Tyco, Covidien, and MicroLumen.

I also engaged with students and faculty at Mizzou, University of Maryland, UCLA, Norwich University, Montclair University, NJIT, Rutgers University and dozens of other hi

I work with large and small credit unions all over the country, including WESCOM, Travis Credit Union, Lake Trust Credit Union, Sentinel FCU, Sierra Pacific Credit Union, Jeanne D’arc Credit Credit Union, Affinity Federal Credit Union, Coastal Credit Union, 121 Financial, and many more.

My financial topics center on financial wellness, taking a holistic approach encompassing our professional, psychological, and personal well-being.

Through my stories, I encourage personal growth, resilience, and taking action to reach our financial and professional milestones.

Cost and Availability

My goal is to take as many reasonable speaking opportunities as possible. I would love to work with every single organization, but unfortunately, I cannot accept all requests. I understand you’d like a specific cost for my speaking honorarium; however, my fees vary based on a variety of factors (company status, event type, audience size, dates, and travel requirements).

If you’re a small business or an employee resource group, we’ve made things work, so reach out and start the conversation.

If you’re a nonprofit, high school, or college organization with limited funds, we’ll figure something out.

**In some situations, purchasing bulk orders of my books may take the place of the honorarium.

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